Yes we can!

Pathomation has developed a set of software products and services to cope with virtually every digital pathology and microscopy scenario imaginable.

Pathomation’s digital microscopy solutions are based on a set of generic components, leading to very versatile products with a very open architecture allowing the highest flexibility possible. The pathomation products are vendor and format agnostic, avoiding the risk of vendor lock-in, high costs and limited flexibility for future digital pathology applications.

Pathomation has real life experience with digital microscopy and digital pathology in biobanking, pathology labs, research labs, clinical biomarker research, classroom teaching, conference hosting and hosting of trainings for students in medicine, biomedical sciences, trainees in pathology and pathologists.

Key in our approach is ‘integration’.  Our software has been conceived to be able to conjoining with other software applications to act as a whole. As such we can integrate with learning management systems like moodle, canvas, brightspace and blackboard