A free viewer and tile server in one convenient package

Experience seamless image viewing with our cutting-edge free viewer. Designed to give you full access to all image file formats, our viewer combines versatility and convenience in one powerful package for all your whole slide images stored on your local hard disk.

Download PMA.start for free

PMA.start is a free desktop slide viewer with basic features but bringing you great value. Whether you just need a viewer that always works, like our fast image rendering or the possibility to tinker with imaging software code, PMA.start does it for you and is a great jumping board to Pathomation professional software solutions. PMA.start is easy to link with a My Pathomation account where you can add cloud storage, annotation and sharing capacity

Whether you’re on Windows, MacOS, or Linux, our viewer is ready to serve your imaging needs across platforms, ensuring accessibility for all users.

Get started with image analysis  effortlessly by seamlessly integrating plugins for desktop image analysis software, amplifying the capabilities of your viewer to suit your specific needs.

Through the ImageJ (FIJI) and QuPath plugins, you can bring any type of microscopic data into one of the most widely used image analysis programs on the market.

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PMA.start allows you to anonymize local images before sharing and uploading them to My Pathomation, helping you to be compliant with privacy regulations and facilitating the use of your slides for teaching and research collaborations. The anonymisation is a one step automatic process creating a copy without the slide label metadata.

Interact effortlessly with other Pathomation software, including My Pathomation, and leverage our convenient transfer function for enhanced collaboration and productivity.

Our viewer effortlessly opens all your local disk whole slide images. 

A full list of all supported file formats can be found here

Utilizing our powerful webservice API and language-specific SDKs you can automate your image analysis workflows via scripting and use any image processing library you want.

Our SDKs are conceived in such a way that upgrading from PMA.start to our full blown PMA.core is a breeze. All you need to do is modify your connection statement.


Explore your images in four distinct modalities – brightfield, fluorescence, Z stacking, and macroscopic