Try before you buy

Pathomation offers a platform for all your digital microscopy needs. The different components of this platform can be tested through this sandbox portal.

All of our software is password protected. If you were not issued login credentials by your Pathomation representative, you can use any of the following:

  • account: ‘user1’   –    password: ‘Pathomation’
  • account: ‘user2’   –    password: ‘Pathomation’
  • account: ‘user3’   –    password: ‘Pathomation’
  • account: ‘user4’   –    password: ‘Pathomation’
  • account: ‘user5’   –    password: ‘Pathomation’

If you want to try out a specific use case: we love talking to you about various scenarios for digital pathology and how our platform can fit in.

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Free viewer

When all you need is a local universal slide viewer, check out PMA.start

Version 2

The following components are currently available:

PMA.view 2.0: A universal powerful viewer, now with powerful grid layout options

We’re in the process of finalizing the other components of our 2.0 platform. You can gain early access to these via our beta program.

Version 1

Version 1 of our platform was GAMP5 validated and has been used to host tens of thousands of slides now across the globe. It consists of the following components:

PMA.view 1.2: A universal server-centric viewer, which also allows for annotations and data capture for synoptic reporting

PMA.core 1.2: A universal whole slide imaging and tile server 

VUB mobile histology and pathology: An app that showcases the mobile capabilities of our software

Get the most out of our sandbox environment

Instructional videos

Here you can see an example of how annotations can be included in a website.

How to share a link to a single WSI: see video

How to share a link to case (existing of multiple WSI’s): see video

For Pathomation staff only

Are you a Pathomation employee and looking to manage dedicated sandboxes?