I’m a teacher and…

I want to share my slides with my students; I don’t care about tracking indivuals or I have little time to spare to learn how to setup course material.

I’m looking for a cloud-based hassle-free way to host and share my slides and cases. I want to build multiple collections and swap them out as I see fit.

I’m looking to integrate virtual slides into my learning management system (LMS).  I already use one of the following: canvas, blackboard,Desire2Learn, Moodle, Sakai, Schoology.

I want to occasionally share or discuss slides with students or colleagues. Getting my own server is not an option for me at this point in time.

 I want to have my own teaching mobile app

 I want to built my own educational website.

I’m a biomedical researcher and…

I want to look at large collections of slides originating from test animals. I don’t want the hassle of artificially categorizing these as human-centric cases. I’m searching for a system that is file system based rather than case-oriented.

I work for a pharmaceutical company with new immunohistochemical biomarkers in the portfolio. I am interested in biomarker trainings for pathologists in different countries.

I’m a pathologist and…

Organize and curate slide collections, either for myself or for my department.

I want to go home earlier each day. Any of our Pathomation products will help you achieve that goal.

I’m a lab manager and…

We want to migrate our slides from conventional disk storage to object-based S3 bucket storage.

I’m an IT decision maker at my organization and…

We need to migrate our current slide repository from our network NAS/SAN to an object-based S3 bucket. Pathomation software supports S3 natively, without the hassle of needing to temporarily download large blobs to local disk.

I already have various slide viewers distributed throughout our organization. I’m tired of having to maintain the mall and am a looking for a single environment that supports them all. which supports all common imaging modalities, and an unprecedented number of vendor-specific file formats.

I’m a software vendor and…

We build a (AP)L(I)MS system that needs to be extended to also support virtual slides. Can I embed Pathomation into my own software products? 

I’m just interested in digital pathology and…

I want to look at slides on an external hard disk someone sent me. Isn’t there such thing as a free universal digital slide viewer?

PMA.start (free viewer)

I’m searching for a single environment to navigate brightfield, fluorescent, and z-stacked slides. Have a look at PMA.start for local content, and PMA.view for centralized content on a networked device.

PMA.start (free viewer)


I want to make annotations on slides. 

I want to view multiple slides simultaneously and browse through them simultaneously in synchronous fashion.

I need to be able to share my slides with friends and colleagues. 

I want to store my slides in an S3 bucket and not go through the hassle of constantly have to download/upload them. Pathomation supports native S3 storage without the hassle (and time consuming overhead!) of downloading temporary copies to local disk storage.

I want to create specific curricula for students; attention to detail is important; students need to be able to actively interact with me and I want to track individuals’ progress. I understand I’m going to have to learn how to setup course material, but am happy that the learning curve for students is kept very low.