An integrated cockpit for digital pathology

Whether you’re looking to annotate slides, integrate distributed heterogeneous databases with your slides, or are looking to host collaborative long-distance tele-conferences, Pathomation’s is a true cockpit for the pathologist and (imaging) research scientist alike. features is built on top of PMA.view, and hosts a slew of innovative features:

Annotations comes with an Annotations panel where you can review and manage annotations for specific slides,  You can draw your own annotations of different shapes. You can then export your annotations to a number of popula formats.

Data management

Digital pathology involves more than just whole slide images. Oftentimes supplemental data is available in external data stores. These data stores can be consulted in addition to the image data itself. We call it “integrated pathology”

Virtual slide tray

PMA.Studio offers to organize slides in a tray – it’s a virtual shell where you can put specific slides or folders. Virtual tray allows you to review slide info – dimensions, file size, # of layers and channels, barcode, filled forms, as well as external information.


Host or participate in virtual conferences that include joint and simultaneous exploring slides or grid of slides and annotating slides. Conferences can be secured with a password and allow for bi-directional synchronization.

Learn more about data options.

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Manage your content in multiple locations simultaneously

Whether you have multiple instances of PMA.core around your organization, are looking to compare slides with the remove hard disk that you just received from a colleague, or are wanting to consult your slides in our My Pathomation cloud, consider that:

  • can connect to multiple instances of PMA.core at the same time.
  • PMA.core itself has georeplication features, so you’re always ensured that you have access to the data closest to you!
  • can connect with PMA.start, to allow you to view remote and local slides side by side.
  • can dynamically connect to any other PMA.core instance that’s not configured during setup.

Need help choosing between and PMA.view?

The following chart highlights the difference between both environments: