The PMA.core Engine

All of Pathomation’s Digital Pathology applications use our PMA.core technology that assures vendor agnostic and high performance whole slide image viewing. PMA.core acts as a one common broker between the various proprietary image formats at and end user digital pathology applications. The Pathomation applications (PIMSDX , PIMSLS , My Pathomation & Pathotrainer) add all the logic, workflow and integrations required for their intended use.
You can incorporate the PMA.core technology and user interface to build your own Digital Pathology applications.
PMA.core brings you
✅ Universal Whole Slide Image scannner file format support
✅ User interface for viewing of brightfield, fluorescence images and z-stacks
✅ Organisation of slides, meta data, and annotations in one environment
✅ User management and access control
✅ Freedom of choice for storage options
✅ Regulatory compliance including 21 CFR part 11, CE-IVD use
✅ Custom development Developer-friendly, open APIs and SDKs

What does PMA.core offer for software developers: Integrate & extend


The pathomation IMS software exposes comprehensive RESTful APIs that enable you to extend it’s functionality as well as to integrate it in your own application in order to give it digital pathology capabilities. IT with extensive documentation, SDKs and tools that can get you started right away. Learn more



web-centric visualization framework



Interactive (Jupyter) scripting and back-end integration



Web-enabled visualization and back-end integration

Back-end integration