Training, tuning and testing. 


The PathoTrainer is dedicated tool for building, training, re-training, tuning and testing of histopathologic tests or scoring systems.

Our PathoTrainer is intended for use by departments of pathology, pharma companies, CROs, research institutes, universities and quality control organisations.

It is intended for use by students, scientists and teachers in (bio-)medical science, histology, cytology, histopathology.

You can use it for

  • design, development and validation of new scoring algorithms/systems
  • training and retraining a scoring algorithm/system
  • tuning for an existing scoring algorithm/system (e.g. HER2 scoring system)
  • ring studies and surveys
  • certifications


Classroom teaching

The PathoTrainer allows to have up to 100 users in one class room looking simultanously at the same cases or slides.

Live online teaching sessions. 

In stead of bringingall participant of a training in one room you can setup live training with online video conferencing.