Diversity and opportunities

Histology and pathology permeates workflows at pharma companies and CROs in various ways.

Pre-clinical work if often done on non-human material, and PMA.studio is the perfect solution to allow flexible slide evaluations without the need to artificially combine select material into cases and create simulated patient data. With PMA.studio (and PMA.core running underneath), you can focus on your own institutional slide repositories and organization, without having to warp around pre-contrived conditions and data models.

During clinical studies, pre- and post-dose observations and patient stratification becomes more important. PMA.studio is still the go-to environment, with annotation capabilities, conferencing, and easy integration of external third-party data.

A three-pronged approach for your post-analytical phase

Once a drug, biomarker, or test-kit is on the market, there is a need to leverage gathered material during development to train healthcare professionals to correctly prescribe and administer. Here too, Pathomation can help. We provide the underlying infrastructure for the PathoTrainer service by CellCarta, our parent company. Other organizations have also integrated PMA.control into their own communication channels. 

Easy knowledge sharing

Sometimes a no-hassle online slide collection is all you need. PMA.slidebox has been tailored for pharma and offers a no-threshold, web-based zero footprint solution.

Organize your folders directly on the hard disk as cases, define your collections in PMA.slidebox by pointing to up to four folders simultaneously, and send out the URL to your end-users. It’s quick, simple, convenient.

Learn more about PMA.slidebox.

Flexible training options

Oftentimes you want to track what people look at your content. Perhaps you organize training events on location. Pathomation can help with preparing and hosting your slide content during seminars, symposia, and conferences. Integrate reference material and collect feedback from your participants, too!

PMA.control and PMA.core are providing the underlying infrastructure of Pathotrainer, a service we offer in partnership with our parent company, CellCarta.

Custom portals integration

For organizations that already have their established customer-facing content, the challenge is to leverage existing investment, while also integrating novel gigapixel slide content. 

Pathomation’s PMA.core lets you have your cake and eat it too! With our APIs and SDKs, you can offer virtual slide content when and where you need it, without having to compromise on the environment that you already invested in. Learn more.

Also for QA

Quality Assurance is more important then ever. Histology and immunohistochemistry (IHC) are becoming ever more complex. Evaluating a dedicated tissue stain is now an interplay between technologists and specialized physicians. From the technologist side, there are many vendors of different reagents, and staining a slide can take a lot of steps with many reagents, leading to even more variability. Many medical schools and inflows into (pathology) evaluations exist as well. It is important that these people reach consensus on  evaluation procedures, too.

Pathomation can help with this QA requirement. You can sign up for our PathoTrainer service, or go a more hands-on approach with PMA.control. In PMA.control, you can systematically define training curricula and offer reference material to participants. As an overseeing QA-body, you can constantly monitor progress of enrolled students, too. Offering periodically repeated courses are set up by a simple click of a button. Learn more about PMA.control.