Are you ready for a change or are you seeking new challenges in digital pathology or virtual microscopy?

Our mission is to deliver anything virtual slide-related to whoever needs it, at whatever endpoint or processing environment. Pathomation wants to be the go-to digital pathology middleware company and pixel broker. We know that having a team of passionate, talented people is critical to our success.

Pathomation is small. When you join us, you truly get the opportunity to play a vital role in the company’s ability to develop solutions that make a broad impact and have a global reach.

We’re looking for people with the skills and drive to help us deliver advanced technology solutions in a variety of settings and to a broad audience. We run a highly motivated and collaborative team dedicated to making a difference and are committed to keeping our promises to customers.

The various roles that we’re we currently have openings for include: project managers, technical writers, test engineers, (para)legal advisors, compliance officers, software architects, application developers, network administrators, and marcom (marketing, social media).

If you enjoy developing innovative solutions to solve complicated problems for highly targeted cancer care, contact us at