Conference hosting

Pathomation offers hosting services for digital pathology conferences. We can facilitate conferences with both software and hardware infrastructures, depending on your needs, as well as provide on spot technical personnel to assist during the conference.

In the following links you can see extracts from conferences hosted using Pathomation’s digital pathology platform.

For more information about conference hosting click here.

Hosting of your WSI repository

Pathomation provides hosting service both non cloud as well as cloud based depending on the needs of the clients.  Individual users will have the opportunity to have their own workspace where they can upload all WSI. They will be able to invite other users to access and annotate their cases.

The cloud based solutions are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, do not require installation on a local server or client, can be up and running quickly, and can be rapidly scaled as needed.

Software validation services

Validation is often the most costly and time-consuming phase of a software implementation or upgrade because many companies or organizations lack the resources and specialization necessary to meet the regulatory commitment for implementation, as well as supporting their day-to-day activities. Our validation services, provide custom validation, consulting, and compliance services. Pathomation has extensive knowledge to help you design, develop, and execute your validation plan, risk analysis, and test cases. They can also provide regulatory, quality, and compliance assessments tailored to your facility.

Software implementation services

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional services to hospitals, laboratories universities, to help them ensure on-time and on-budget software implementation. Our team is committed to providing you with a complete portfolio of implementation services to meet your specific needs. Because we understand that every project has unique requirements, challenges, and budgets, we’ve created a tailored Implementation Service Plans (ISP) to let you select the level of involvement you need based on your staff availability and budget:

– Client-driven ISP – You perform the majority of the work with minimal interaction from our implementation services team

-Client-supported ISP – The workload is distributed equally between you and our team Client-deferred ISP

– Our team does the majority of work with minimal involvement from you

Scanning services

Pathomation has access to state of the art scanning devices in order to scan your slides.

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