We probably don’t have to tell you how important it is to make both environmentally and socially conscious choices.
We cannot fix the world, but we can contribute to the pursuit of a more inclusive and sustainable planet.

How we contribute to a more sustainable planet

At Pathomation, we view the well-known motto think global, act local from our own specific vision. We encourage pathologists, teachers and students to share their material and knowledge around the world, but locally, from their own trusted place. Thinking globally and sharing knowledge no longer must happen physically, thanks to Pathomation, this can be done digitally. That means no transport and no packaging material.

We don’t just want to pursue sustainability in our business model. We also do our bit in day-to-day operations. Just as we want our customers to have the opportunity to work from home, we also want this for our employees. Working from home not only increases a good work- family balance it also ensures that we take the car less quickly.

Speaking about cars, did you know that half of our employees come to work by bicycle or public transport? The other half come to work (if not working from home) by cars that meet the latest environmental standards

As you might already know from our social media, Pathomation is located in an environmentally friendly office building called Greenhouse Antwerp. The building has a beautiful vertical façade garden that gives oxygen to the city and us.

We love our employees and want to meet their vitamin needs. But these needs should not come at the expense of other people. That’s why we consciously choose fair trade fruit at our office. That’s been brought to us every week by Fruit At Work.

Our vision on diversity and inclusion

We want to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone feels valued and respected because of their individual ability and perspective – a place where every employee can be themselves. This is so that we can unleash the power of our collective potential, helping us to achieve our bold ambition.

Innovation is at the heart of our business. Diverse thinking and perspectives drive innovation. The more we collaborate and value our differences, the closer we get to working in a truly inclusive community and having a great place to work. Each of us is unique. Celebrating our differences together is a competitive advantage and critical to driving our growth as a company.

Everyone has a responsibility for contributing to a culture that is as inclusive as it is diverse. Success at achieving this culture will be when we no longer ask if we are diverse enough, because it has become self-evident, not something remarkable. It is who we are.