A comprehensive management system for images, annotations and metadata

Our pathology image viewing and management software is vendor agnostic, high performance, scalable and easily customizable. It acts as a broker between the various proprietary image formats at one end and a variety of different end user applications at the other.

Key aspects

✅ Over 50 whole slide image formats supported
✅ Brightfield, fluorescence images, z-stacks, and time series
✅ Organize slides, meta data, and annotations in one environment
✅ Comprehensive user management and access control
✅ Broad support for storage options
✅ 21 CFR part 11 compliant and is CE labeled.

Access your slides anywhere

No complex configurations or import procedures. The Pathomation IMS system  reads any vendor proprietary whole slide image format right away, including brightfield and fluorescence images as well as z-stacks and time series.

Geo-replication provisions allow you to build a global infrastructure, Back-end scripting and automation mean that you can create your own slide content delivery network (CDN).

Metadata and annotations

Our IMS enables not only fast viewing of whole slide images, but also annotations, meta data capture and integration of third party data sources.

Import, manage and export native and third party annotations such as Visiopharm and HALO

Access meta data from third party sources such as custom databases

User management

The Pathomation IMS software supports out of the box user management but can also be configured to work with other identity management systems.

Support for third-party directory services means that you can scale the IMS across multiple instances without the need for user replication.

Key user management features

  • Local user database
  • LDAP
  • OAuth 2.0
  • Controlled access to slides and meta data
  • Full audit trail and event logging
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Broad support for storage options

Minimize the transfer of large data and leave data where they are, whether this be a hard disk, network storage, Azure or S3-compatible cloud storage.

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Controlled access and audit trailing

The pathomation IMS system  is 21 CFR part 11 compliant and is CE labeled.

Manage meta-data

Slide-oriented data belongs in a single location. With PMA.core, you can capture meta data and annotations, even import, manage and export native and third party annotations.

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What does it bring for software developers: Integrate & extend


The pathomation IMS software exposes comprehensive RESTful APIs that enable you to extend it’s functionality as well as to integrate it in your own application in order to give it digital pathology capabilities. IT with extensive documentation, SDKs and tools that can get you started right away. Learn more



web-centric visualization framework



Interactive (Jupyter) scripting and back-end integration



Web-enabled visualization and back-end integration




Back-end integration