Pathomation offers a family of end user software applications optimised to cover all common use cases for Digital Pathology. Our applications share a common technology called PMA.core that enables users to benefit from a cost-efficient infrastructure for their different needs for diagnosis, research, sharing and education. 

PIMS – pathology image viewing and management software

PIMS is a state-of-the-art digital pathology image management and viewing solution designed to empower pathologists and lab professionals with an advanced, user-friendly platform organising the image viewing workflow from lab to Pathologist. PIMS was co-created in close collaboration with Pathology Labs, bringing together pathology lab expertise and industry software design to build an efficient solution addressing the real needs of pathology labs.

PIMS is available in two versions: PIMS-DX for routine diagnostic case centric workflows and PIMS-LS for project centric workflows in research or toxicology. 


PathoTrainer is a dedicated software tool for the development, training, re-training, tuning and testing of histopathologic tests or scoring systems. Our PathoTrainer is intended for use by departments of pathology, pharma companies, CROs, research institutes, universities and quality control organisations. 

Contact us if you want to learn more about the training services provided by our CRO partners.

My Pathomation – the pathomation cloud solution

My Pathomation is our cloud platform where anyone can open an account and start their own virtual slide collection for easy sharing of your slide images with students, colleagues and clients.

Custom development

Do you have special requirements, like a customer page or a webpage with educational content? We can build it for you or instruct your developers how to build them using PMA.core and our SDK. Read more in our developer pages

If you are a software company interested in adding Digital Pathology capacity in your products, go to our OEM section


All of our products can be licensed for on-premise installations. Alternatively, we can take care of the hosting for you and you pay a monthly subscription fee for software hosting and image storage.



Whichever way you get started with Pathomation’s Digital Pathology software products, you can be sure that you’re set for the future. Our components can be mixed and combined in any way imaginable, to provide you with the perfect fit to match your unique circumstances and workflow scenarios. 


Pathomation software can read all whole slide scanner image formats. No matter what slide scanners you have or may buy in the future they will all be compatible with Pathomation software. Experience true scanner plug and play freedom and avoid vendor lock in.