PIMS – pathology image viewing and managment software

Our image viewing and management software supports brightfield, fluorescence, and z-stacking imaging modalities, and can handle stored content on local (server) hard disks, networked datastores (e.g. UNC, SMB…), or S3-compatible bucket (cloud) storage. Learn more. 



The PathoTrainer is dedicated tool for building, training, re-training, tuning and testing of histopathologic tests or scoring systems.

Our PathoTrainer is intended for use by departments of pathology, pharma companies, CROs, research institutes, universities and quality control organisations.

Learn more about Pathotrainer.


My pathomation – the pathomation cloud solution

Master your own virtual slide collection in the cloud for easy sharing of your slide images with students, colleagues and clients.


All of our products can be licensed for on-premise installations (this can still exclude certain partner-programs) . Alternatively, we can take care of the hosting for you and you pay a monthly subscription fee.



Whichever way you get started with Pathomation’s Digital Pathology software products, you can be sure that you’re set for the future. Our front- and back-end interfaces reinforce each other and are tremendously scalable. We see our products as API-driven components that can be mixed and combined in any way imaginable, to provide you with the perfect fit to match your unique circumstances and workflow scenarios. 


We get it; you have a small budget. Don’t be shy. Talk to us; explain your use case, and we’ll see if you qualify for an educational discount.