Our products combine to form A platform

Pathomation recognizes the diversity of scenarios in which digital pathology is employed. Our software components can be combined in any number of ways. Whether you want to start of easy (and cheaply) with our free PMA.start viewer, or roll out an on-premise full stack digital pathology framework, we got you covered! 

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All of our products can be licensed for on-premise installations (this can still exclude certain partner-programs) . Alternatively, we can take care of the hosting for you and you pay a monthly subscription fee.


We get it; you have a small budget. Don’t be shy. Talk to us; explain your use case, and we’ll see if you qualify for an educational discount.


Whichever way you get started with Pathomation’s Digital Pathology software products, you can be sure that you’re set for the future. Our front- and back-end interfaces reinforce each other and are tremendously scalable. We see our products as API-driven components that can be mixed and combined in any way imaginable, to provide you with the perfect fit to match your unique circumstances and workflow scenarios. 


PMA.core is our Image Management Solution (IMS). It supports brightlfield, fluorescence, and z-stacking imaging modalities, and can handle stored content on local (server) hard disks, networked datastores (e.g. UNC, SMB…), or S3-compatible bucket (cloud) storage. Learn more about PMA.core


PMA.view is a powerful multi-modal slide viewing solutions for organizations that want to do just that: publish and share slide content. PMA.view runs on top of PMA.core. Learn more about PMA.view.


PMA.studio is the next level up from PMA.view. Want to create annotations? Check. Conferencing? Check. A virtual slide tray that you can use to hold arbitrary sets of slides? Check. Coffee-making? Ok, we’re still working on that… But seriously: PMA.studio runs on top of PMA.core and is the most versatile end-user facing slide integrated slide environment you’ll find. Learn more about PMA.studio.


Both our view and studio products offer undirected browsing of slide content. However in many cases you want to direct the end-user to see only specific content, and then only when you want him or her to see it. That’s where PMA.control comes in. This is a high-profile educational application that is suited to set up or integrate into medical training, quality control programs, and certification trajectories alike. Learn more about PMA.control.


A free desktop viewer with unprecedented support for vendor file formats, imaging modalities, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It comes with a full-fledged API for local digital pathology workflows, too. Learn more.


Whole slide images are big, complex, hard to handle or transport. PMA.transfer offers transaction-based end-to-end slide transfer with built-in quality control and slide integrity checks. PMA.transfer is part of PMA.start.


Sometimes all you want to do is organize your slides into cases, group those in a collection, and share them with the world. If that’s all you’re looking for, a slidebox is the perfect solution for you. Learn more.