Pathomation offers a comprehensive platform for digital pathology and virtual microscopy. Using our own stack, we also market several stand-alone products like PMA.slidebox, and PMA.control. Throughout the years we’ve also developed a number of smaller tools that don’t necessarily make sense in their own right as stand-alone units, but that nevertheless can add huge value to your workflows when used in combination with the rest of our platform.


Pathomation PMA.transfer

PMA.transfer is the first tool we added to support our own activities. Whole slide images are big, bulky, with a complicated file structure on top. PMA.transfer is like FileZilla or CloudBerry, but for virtual slides.

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Sometimes you don’t want to move slides around, but distribute them virtually in real-time across the web. does that for you, in a way that the traditional desktop sharing apps never can. Think of it as Zoom (or WebEx, or Teams…), but for virtual slides.

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