A unified environment for researchers working with Whole Slide Images

Whether you’re looking to annotate slides or integrate distributed heterogeneous databases with your slides, PIMS for Life Sciences ( PIMSLS ) is a comprehensive imaging cockpit for life science researchers, you are in full control to populate your own cockpit with the functions you need for your project. 

PIMSLS is an ideal tool for unifying the diversity of research applications and manage all your images in one interface. The software is web browser based providing access to your image applications for multiple concurrent users without the need to install license keys or software on a pc.


PIMS architecture



PIMSLS hosts a slew of advanced features:


PIMSLS comes with an Annotations panel where you can draw your own annotations of different shapes. You can import/export annotations from other imaging software to review and manage annotations for specific slides. PIMS acts as a middleware integrating image analysis results in one easy to use environment.

Data management

Digital pathology involves more than just whole slide images. You can create and add data forms in projects to capture user input. Oftentimes supplemental meta data is available in external data stores. These data stores can be integrated and consulted in conjunction with the image. 


In large organisations with complex sets of images dispersed over different departments and storage locations, searching is of paramount importance. PIMSLS, offers you intuitive advanced search options, to quickly look through your image repositories.


PIMSLS allows different organisation levels for the whole slide images. You can assign the same image in different projects. The tray feature is a quick and efficient method to create image sets for image research.