End-user interface

Present your cases

Build up to 5 collections, divide them into cases, then populate your cases with slides

Tracking available

Students very much appreciate keeping track of which areas of a slide they explored already

Support for fluorescent content

Add fluo slides to your cases, toggle individual channels, modify histogram intensity as needed

Advanced navigation widgets

Expand or collapse widgets as you need them. Use them to rotate your content, or accurately zoom in on specific ROIs


S(l)ide by s(l)ide navigation

When presenting cases, it is possible to shows slides side by side. This increases context awareness and understanding for students.


Combine imaging modalities

Present complicated cases. Mix and match fluorescent content with z-stacked slides and brightfield slides.

Mobile support

Administrative back-end interface

PMA.slidebox secure login

Secure login

Configure your collections, cases, and site appearance without the need to write code

PMA.slidebox activity monitoring in PMA.core

Monitor site usage

Built-in dashboard gives you easy to understand KPIs and offers insights into your audience

Manage PMA.slidebox cases in PMA.core

Organize your slides

An intuitive folder hierarchy mimics collections, cases. Inspect your content before publishing