We taught the most widespread CMS a new trick

We have a confession to make. This very website that you’re currently looking at… it’s built in WordPress! WordPress is by far the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world, and with good reason. But we don’t want to pick any sides here.

At one point we thought it would be neat to be able to embed slides directly into WordPress, rather than only being able to offer this type of functionality to people that know HTML.

We also could have added publishing option in our tile server, but that would just be reinventing the wheel, something we prefer NOT to do.

So, if you’re a WordPress user, and you want to add live slide viewing capabilities to your own websites and blogs, have a look at Pathomation’s WordPress plugin.

We combine the best of both worlds in CMS and Digital Pathology / Virtual Microscopy. 

Supported tile servers:



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