We have a separate page that highlights which of these features are included in our CE-IVD certification scheme and qualify for adaptation in a clinical setting (primary diagnosis).

Category Feature
Imaging modalitiesBrightfield (30+ file formats)
 Fluorescent slides (15+ file formats)
 Z-stacked slides (10+ file formats)
 Support for time series data
 Supported CODECs include JPEG, JPEG2000, JPEG-XR, lossless JPEG, and PNG
Slide hosting optionsUnlimited number of slides
 Concurrent access to the same slide from different locations possible
 80% of content offered within 0.2 seconds
 Automatic barcode recognition available
 Images can be added from multiple locations (root-directories)
 Each slides receives a unique identifier (“fingerprint”) based on its contents
 Search interactively or via the API
 Automatic integration with Microsoft Indexing Services to boost search performance
SecurityUsername and password protected
 LDAP integration possible
 Access Control Lists (ACLs) available for slides and meta-data
 HTTPS and SSL supported
Installation options and licensingOn-premise possible
 Hosted solution and monthly rental (SaaS) possible
 Concurrent roaming seats
 Runs on Windows Server and Internet Information Server (IIS)
Storage optionsServer-based hard disk
 Network-based storage (UNC/SMB)
 Amazon AWS / S3 compatible
 Microsoft Azure (regular blob and datalake gen2 storage)
  File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
 Geo-replication optional (needs multiple PMA.core instances)
API and SDKPMA.UI JavaScript content visualization framework
 PMA.python scripting SDK
 PMA.php webdev SDK
 PMA.java application development SDK
 Rest-based API available (with documentation)
Upstream connectivity and integrationWordPress, Drupal, Django, Adobe AEM
 Moodle, Canvas
 QuPath, ImageJ, Fiji, Photoshop
Meta-data supportIntegrate external data sources (SQLServer, Oracle)
 Capture text-based meta-data in situ
 Export supported to CSV, XLS, XML, AIFF
 Automation capapbilities through API
 Extensive field validation capabilities
 Form templates can be imported from other PMA.core instances and are transferable
On-slide geometric annotation supportWKT (Well-known Text)
 XML (Definiens, Aperio, Leica)
 MLD (Visiopharm)
 Annotation (Indica Labs HALO)
 embedded MRXS annotations (3DHistech)
 embedded SVS annotations (Aperio)
Standards supported21 CFR.11 audit trailing (validated)
 GAMP 5 validation documentation available optionally
 DICOM sup 145
DocumentationAPI documentation through Swagger
 Product documentation through wiki-portal
AdministrationManage system notification via SMTP or Sendgrid
 On-board troubleshooting and diagnostics available
 Log browsing; logs can also be exported for further analysis
 Special access rights for administrative accounts
 Create additional users
 Suspend or delete users