Features of our software:

  • Designed by seasoned pathologists
  • Modern web application designed by pathologists for pathologists
  • Multilingual
  • Vendor agnostic – support for all the popular digital slide image formats
  • Accessible from any device and operating system
  • In-image annotations
  • Customizable interface for storing meta data (forms)
  • Collaboration features
  • Extensibility via a complete application programming interface (API)
  • Plugins for popular image processing & analysis software
  • Unsurpassable performance
  • Serves digital slides in their native format, directly as they get scanned and can do this for many concurrent users. So no time-consuming conversion of files is needed.
  • Minimal footprint: Our software has extended setup possibilities for optimization matching your server hardware and network infrastructure, which can easily adapted later if hardware or network infrastructures updates take place. Since the Pathomation platform is server and web based, no local installations are required. Furthermore,  our software does not require software plug in installation at the client site (e.g. java, Silverlight, flash), it provides reduced ICT infrastructure safety risks, in clinical environments in which patient information protection is of extreme importance.

Supported whole slide image formats

Format Image File Extension
TIFF .tif, .tiff
JPEG .jpeg, .jpg
JPEG 2000 .jp2
PNG .png
Olympus VSI .vsi
Ventana / Roche BIF .bif
Hamamatsu NDPI .ndpi
Hamamatsu DICOM .dcm
Huron Technologies .tif
3DHistech MRXS .mrxs
Aperio / Leica SVS .svs
Leica SCN .scn
Carl Zeiss ZVI .zvi
Carl Zeiss CZI .czi
Carl Zeiss Laser Scanning Microscopy .lsm
Open Microscopy Environment OME-TIFF .tf2, .tf8, .btf
Nikon ND2 .nd2
Nikon TIFF .tif, .tiff
Philips TIFF .tif
Sakura SVSlide .svslide
Menarini DSight RAW .ini
Menarini GXP .gxp
Motic .mds
Zoomify .zif