PMA.lab is a server based solution integrating digital microscopy in the daily workflow of a pathologist. PMA.lab was developed in close collaboration with practicing pathologists. PMA.lab is the fastest and most intuitive digital microscopy solution on the market leading to the best user experience possible. Morever PMA.lab is conceived that way that it can be easily validated according to the highest standards of computerized systems. PMA.lab is currently used in our reference lab at Histogenex, by a team of 7 pathologists and was validated according to the GAMP5 standards (

In addition PMA.lab is a versatile and flexible product also allowing decentralized storage providing full exchange of image data to collaborating labs or labs with multiple physical sites. PMA.lab is designed to interface with existing internal hospital systems, (i.e. LIS, EHR and HIS platforms) or to integrate with remote medical centers insures an ease of access between facilities, using existing hardware.

At Pathomation we strongly believe that digital microscopy is disruptive technology that will change that landscape of pathology. Pathomation offers an all in solution; we provide not only the software but we can guide you through the whole process of introducing, testing and validation.

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