Pathomation’s pathology lab slide manager is the best solutions to move full-speed ahead rolling out digital pathology at your lab.. Opting for a truly vendor agnostic solution avoids the strings attached to vendor-packaged software. We are convinced that our slide manager is the most user friendly, versatile, flexible and customizable on the market.

  • Pathomation’s slide manager was optimized for the best user experience possible. Our software has a extended setup possibilities for optimization matching your server hardware and network infrastructure, which can easily adapted later if hardware or network infrastructures updates take place.
  • We believe strongly in simple user interfaces. Cluttered toolbars, bells and whistles only serve to confuse people and distract from the task at hand.
  • Format-agnostic; support images from all major scanner vendors, including Leica, Aperio-leica, Olympus, Zeiss, Hamamatsu
  • Ease of installation and maintenance: since our software is server and web based, no local installations are required.
  • Highest flexibility in data capturing using customizable forms and customizable visual on-slide annotation
  • Reduced ICT infrastructure safety risks: Pathomation’s slide manager does not require software plug in
    installation at the client site (e.g. java, Silverlight, flash) which is a well recognized safety risk well known in clinical environments in which patient information protection is of extreme importance.
  • Pathomation slide manager is the best solution to organize and access multiple WSI repositories on different locations. Pathomation’s versatile and flexible setup allows decentralized storage of the WSI  providing full exchange of image data to collaborating labs or labs with multiple physical sites.
  • Multilanguage support, including character sets
  • We have an embedded viewer mode to integrate our software right into your intranet. Our API allow you to integrate our software even further into your own ecosystem.
  • Pathomation’s slide manager has high interconnectivity and interoperability capabilities through multiple plugins. Tabular data originating from forms can be exported to CSV. In addition, we support image transfer to Adobe PhotoShop and ImageJ. We plan to support additional environments in the future.
  • Pathomation’s software platform is designed to interface with existing internal hospital systems, (i.e. LIS, EHR and HIS platforms) or to integrate with remote medical centers insures an ease of access between facilities, using existing hardware.

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