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Universal content viewing at your fingertips

Pathomation’s PMA.vue software allows you to view  your individual or organisational whole slide image (WSI) collection. PMA.vue runs on top of PMA.core.

Some of our feature available in PMA.vue:

  • Support for over 50 different file formats.
  • Web-based, plugin-free user interface
  • Visualize multiple slides simultaneously in a grid interface
  • Support synchronized viewing
  • Combine brightfield, fluorescent, and z-stacked slides into a single interface.
  • Create URLs to embed your slide content into your webpages, learning platforms like blackboard or quiz software (just like you can embed a youtube video in your webpage).

Below are some particular features that we think are worth highlighting. All features mentioned on this page also apply to PMA.vue’s bigger brother,

Intuitive user interface

PMA.vue is a web-application, but looks like more like a desktop application with all the creature comforts you’re accustomed to. A configurable ribbon interface means that less clutter, and you only need to see the buttons that you really need at any given time. A panel-based (also configurable) content presentation means that you look at content the way you want to, not the way we thought you should.

Side-by-side and grid-based viewing

Configure application layout in a very flexible way that would be the best fit for you – PMA.vue allows you to organize slides and functionality components into a grid, tabs or both. You can control which components you want to see on the screen and where to place them.

Share slides and more

Shring content is a large part of digital pathology and virtual microscopy alike. So here, too, PMA.vue offers optimal flexibility. Share regions of interest (ROIs), whole slides, or grids with a single click of a button.

Use a couple more clicks to invoke advanced features such as link expiration, password protection, or QR-code generation.

Intrigued yet?

See our tutorial that explains how PMA.vue works

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