Main characteristics

This is our unique selling proposition for you:

✅Imaging modalities (brighfield, fluorescence, z-stacking) ✅Userfriendly (see our demo website)
✅Storage (hard disk, network, cloud) Powerful licensing
✅File format (click to see full list) ✅Scalable

All product features

Category Feature
Imaging modalities Brightfield
  Fluorescent slides
  Z-stacked slides
Slide hosting options Host up to five collections through one single portal
  Organize slide collections
  Organize case collections
  Present slides and slide meta-data in a single interface
  Single slide or side by side presentation possible
Installation options On-premise
  Hosted solution and monthly rental (SaaS) possible
End-user experience No learning curve
  No login needed
  Flexible slide navigation with mouse, keyboard, and touch
  Navigation controls for rotation, zooming, scrolling, and slide tracking
  Asynchronous collaboration
Administration and configuration Separate configuration portal
  Define custom URL endpoints for each collection (“slugs”)
  See here for system requirements
Storage options Server-based hard disk
  Network-based storage (UNC/SMB)
  Amazon AWS / S3 compatible
  Microsoft Azure