Instruction, testing, and certification, oh my!

Education is a primary application domain for digital pathology, but not all education suites are created alike.

Pathomation has built a great a deal of experience dealing with different scenarios when it comes to training. PMA.control was created for high-end applications, where chain of custody and progress monitoring is of the utmost importance. For low-end applications (like, an undergraduate class needing a couple of reference slides to prepare for a midterm), we offer PMA.slidebox.

In PMA.control, you create projects around a certain theme, and create case collections with a certain application in mind. Within each project, end-users (trainees) can interact with these case collections in various ways. But whatever the selected interaction mode, the instructor for the project stays in control. As trainees navigate the structured content of a curriculum, instructors also can control class sizes (organized as sessions) and monitor enrolled users’ progress over time.

See our blog post for technical details about PMA.control

Case collection manager

There are many slide scanners and microscopes on the market, each with their own file format. Sometimes a slide is represented by a single slide, sometimes by many. Sometimes subfolders are involved. Using PMA.transfer, you no longer need to worry about these complexities. All you need to do is indicate which slide you want to transfer where to.

Projects and sessions

Because of their slides, slide transfer operations can easily go wrong. To prevent this, PMA.transfer runs an integrity check on a slide before its transferred at the original location, as well as after its transferred at the destination. At all times during a transfer, the end-user can monitor the transactions for progress and speed. 

Control user interaction

As you build your organization’s digital pathology ecosystem, the locations where you host slides increase. PMA.transfer has a built-in site manager where you can manage all of these through a single user interface. You can even add color coding for visual recognition. Configurations can be shared with other users in your organization, as well. 

A powerful partnership

Are you looking to set up a broad impact structured training program for your organization? Then we can point you to PathoTrainer, a full-service program that we set up in collaboration with our parent company, CellCarta.

Intrigued yet?

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