Our software platform started out as a quest by our parent company HistoGeneX. A company situated in Antwerp that established a strong reputation in the pharma industry, by offering high quality histology, pathology, and molecular diagnostic services for pharmaceutical and hospital customers.

Back in 2012, no satisfying software solutions were available on the market to establish a fully digitized controlled workflow using digitally scanned glass slides within the HistoGeneX lab.

Therefore, HistoGeneX needed software that could play this role of honest broker middle ware for a wide variety of their own image acquisition platforms. The traditional “buy vs build” odyssey eventually lead in November of 2012 to the spin-out off a new company: Pathomation.

Through the years, we developed different software products and services to cope with virtually every digital pathology and microscopy scenario imaginable.

Pathomation’s digital microscopy solutions are based on a set of generic components, leading to very versatile products with a very open architecture allowing the highest flexibility possible. Our products are vendor and format agnostic, avoiding the risk of vendor lock-in, high costs and limited flexibility for future digital pathology applications.

Pathomation has real life experience with virtual microscopy and digital pathology in biobanking, pathology labs, research labsclinical biomarker researchclassroom teachingconference hosting and hosting of training for students in medicine, biomedical sciences, trainees in pathology and pathologists.