Accelerate your time to market

Once you have an AI algorithm that you want to take to market, there’s technical infrastructure you need to provide. You can build that from scratch, or you can adopt the Pathomation platform to get a running start straight out of the gates.

Increase customer reach

Pathomation software is used by all major pharma companies active in oncology targeted therapy. Having a common tool greatly enhances useability for your clinical studies. Pathomation has a global user base that will help bring your finished AI algorithm within easy reach of a variety of users.

Algorithm validation and data management

Validation is a very important step in the algorithm development journey. Pathomation has a unique CE-IVD certification for all whole slide image formats, our software will help you meet regulatory requirements from day 1 in your development. Proving clinical utility of a new AI algorithm requires pathologist comparison studies. PMA-control manages all aspects of comparison studies, including remote or residential validation sessions, questionaires and on slide annotations; collecting and managing the data in a single place. New AI releases or improvements can at all times be compared to the reference consensus score outcomes.

Advanced storage management

It is possible that your algorithm development project requires receiving WSI, (training data or other) from multiple locations and storages. At the same time, it is important to keep track of how the images are used and by whom. PMA-core, and PMA-control will tick all the boxes when it comes to flexible and secure storage and data management.

File format support

In order to develop your AI algorithms, you’ll need access to the pixels generated by the scanners. Pathomation offers the broadest support for proprietary scanner vendor file formats available. With Pathomation, you don’t need to convert to an intermediate format, which significantly reduces your execution pipelines and storage needs.