Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its derived terms like machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) are hot! See how Pathomation’s software can help you apply AI-concepts in digital pathology faster:


We have plugins for a variety of image analysis software programs. Pathomation’s platform is the perfect middleware to import any file format into any environment that you prefer. Just get the pixels you need where you want them. Supported environments include ImageJ / FIJI, QuPath, and even Adobe Photoshop!


Make your IA/AI pipelines more efficient faster. Pathomation’s PMA.core tile server offers an open API, and open source SDKs for Python, Java, and PHP. Whether you’re using OpenCV or Jupyter notebooks, we have you covered. Extract your pixels from your original slides without the need for expensive and time-consuming conversion to an intermediate format. 

Universal annotations

Annotations are a necessity when doing image analysis. Pathomation supports vector-annotations as well as heatmaps (layers). Annotations from third-party vendors like Indica Labs or Visiopharm can be read natively. Combine results from different analytical environment using PMANN. And with slide fingerprinting, you can track annotations independently of where the original slide is stored for archiving.

Data exchange

Many environments ingest data, but make it very hard to get data back out. This is not the case with our PMA.core tile server. We support industry standards including XML, JSON, WKT, and many others. It’s your data; you own it; and you should be able to do with it what you want (not what we want). Automate data extraction with our API or SDKs, and get the data where you need it to be . 

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