Tim Bracey

5th January 2018

What the team at Pathomation are doing is really innovative in my opinion. The flexibility the system gives me to create learning modules and quizzes on my educational site pathkids.com is unparalleled. There is an explosion of interest in digital pathology which will undoubtedly form an important component of the future of clinical diagnostics as well as educating the next generation. Widespread adoption is currently being held back somewhat by proprietary file formats and limitations on viewing whole slide images outside of individual secure hospital networks. Pathomation's system allows me to remove these limitations by sharing multiple file formats from the different scanners in my educational network. Yves and his team are always on hand to help and develop the system according to individual needs and evolution of this fascinating and revolutionary new way of working.
Dr Tim Bracey MBChB PhD MRCS FRCPath Consultant Pathologist and South West UK Peninsula Training Programme Director

Espen Walker

6th December 2017, Roche Holding AG

Our collaboration with the Pathomation team has been amazing. This technology has changed how pathologists can view digital images in a rapid, interactive, and engaging way. With dynamic score input and analysis tools, our group has been able to conduct training programs around the world with the help of Pathomation and remote support capacities. We are excited to move into the next stage of digital pathology.

Rudy Hovelinck

1st December 2017, Astra Zeneca

We were very pleased by the functionalities of the Pathomation solution for pathologist reader training. The positive contribution of the Pathomation team to both the content, structure and inclusion of new improved features in the final released version made a real difference.

Ales Ryska

25th November 2017, Czech Republic

The use of virtual slides as prepared by the team of Pathomation for the web portal of our EScoP course on thyroid gland was smooth and easy. I can hardly imagine more intuitive and dummy-proof interface. I was also amazed by how quickly (virtually instantly) the slides loaded when moved and/or zoomed. Thus, i can only cordially congratulate to the authors of the software solution and ask them to "keep walking"!
Faculty member of the Thyroid EScoP course in Zagreb

Catarina Eloy

25th November 2017, Portugal

We used the Pathomation software at the ESCOP (ESP) course in Zagreb and we can say that it is a fast-working, user-friendly and versatile tool for education and slide sharing.

Karel Geboes

10th February 2015, Belgium

The pathomation system allows simultaneous reading of sections by multiple participants, thereby increasing greatly teaching opportunities and interactive discussion. Because it is user friendly, it is a major advantage for teaching pathology at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. It would also be a major tool for the discussion of difficult cases.

Pirici Daniel

9th February 2015, Romania

Since my first interraction with the Pathomation ’s virtual slide viewer I appreciated its ease of use and fast response for both computer and tablet application. During a European School of Pathology course hands-on training session, I was able to utilize it on site without any prior training. Natural and intuitive controls make this piece of software the ideal tool for both pathology training and diagnostic consulting.

Gert Van den Eynden

2nd February 2015, Belgium

We used the Pathomation software to organise a ring study in our Liver Metastasis Research Network. The versability, the user-friendliness and the integration within our existing website were amazing. Both from the side of the organisator as from the side of the participants in this study it was a pleasure to work with it.

Mircea Sebastian Serbanescu

31st January 2015, Romania

After using the software in an e-learning context - ESCOP (ESP) courses in Craiova - I can say that Pathomation is an unique software that should be used across all e-learning platforms. Its power comes from user friendly browser-based viewer, that dose not need any user training or software installation. It simply works naturally. Having all major slide formats implemented makes it even more powerful so inter-group slide sharing is no longer a problem.

Fred Bosman

28th January 2015, Switzerland

Digital pathology is revolutionizing pathology practice and with software support such as that provided by Pathomation the ease of use of virtual microscopy will soon be close to that of the optical microscope. The experience with Pathomation during a European School of Pathology course was very positive. Slide distribution was rapid, on large screens of superb quality but even on tablets and smart phones quite satisfying.

Nigel Bird

13th May 2014, United Kingdom

Thanks to the guys at Pathomation for providing an easy to use (even for the non-pathologist) program. After 20 minutes or so I'm able to navigate both H&E and Reticulin slides and arrive at the same field [of view] for both.